Unsecured Loans $500 - $30,000

Lenders who typically approve bad credit loans are those the yield a higher interest rate, and this is well known. Lenders have to charge the higher rates simply because they need to make up for those customers who default on their payments. This is why unsecured loans are sometimes difficult to find online. That is where we try and make things just a little bit easier for borrowers and applicants.

The amount of unsecured lenders that troll around the Internet, looking for rubes to charge crazy APR on, has increased in a big way during the last decade. One of the first reasons we started BFC (BucksForCanucks.com) was because we were sick and tired of seeing all the shady characters out their promising short-term, or long-term unsecured loans, when in fact they never lend anything - all they do is charge an up-front fee, and disappear.

If you actually DO have a bad credit score and you are looking for lenders who give loans to people with bad credit, we have some options for you.

Find a post here at BucksForCanucks.com that relates closest to the loan you are looking for. You find these loans by using our search tool on our home page. Search for your loan request type - i.e;

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Then click on the post title that relates the most to your loan type, scroll down and fill out the pre-application form. Our lender will review your request within the hour!

More On Bad Credit Loans

There is a big difference between personal loan for people with bad credit ratings, and basic cash advances. The loan that most of our visitors are interested in is a loan that they pay back over time with monthly payments. They are willing to pay a little more in APR on the note, but not like cash advances.

Understanding Cash Advances and Payday Loans

The normal ninety day cash advance can be a very expensive form of borrowing if the online lender charges you the maximum amount of APR on the cash you borrow. The APR can sometimes climb as high as 500%, which is simply ludicrous. At BucksforCanucks.com we endeavor to direct you away from this kind of inflated interest, and the associated fees some cash advance lenders charge.

Depending on what State or Province you live in, these fees and interest rates will vary greatly. The reason the APR can get so out of hand is because the lender is in essence "rolling over" a 30 day payday loan, capitalizing on the interest and fees they charge. In many cases these kinds of so-called 90 day lenders are quite simply using false advertising to dupe their customers into getting the most expensive cash on the planet.

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